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Why Winter Tires Over All-Seasons?

Living in Canada, we’re far too familiar with bitterly cold and long winters. No one enjoys driving in these snowy and icy conditions, but there is a practical solution: winter tires.

Many Canadians wonder whether winter tires are worth the investment. We at Tirecraft would like to explain how they make a difference with your drive, help keep you safer on the road, and are worth the investment.

Special Rubber Compound / Flexible Tread Winter tires have a special rubber compound that is designed for cold temperatures and stays pliable in cold conditions to give you better traction in wintery road conditions. For this reason, it is also recommended to remove your winter tires in the summer because they will wear faster in warmer temperatures.

When the temperature reaches below 7°C, all–season tires become rigid and lose traction; therefore, Tirecraft recommends that winter tires should be considered for driving in these cooler temperatures.



Small slits in the tire tread called sipes truly separate winter tires from all-season tires. Sipes in winter tires are designed to ensure that snow is dispersed, assist with better acceleration from the stop position and reduce braking distances on slippery roads.

New and half worn snow tires can be manually siped to improve their grip on ice. Ask the experts at Tirecraft Trail for their professional advice.

Look for the Snowflake


To ensure that the tires you’re looking to purchase are certified winter tires, look for the snowflake emblem. This stamp was created by the Rubber Association of Canada and the Rubber Manufacturers’ Association and ensures that the tire meets specific snow traction performance requirements, and has been designed specifically for use in severe snow conditions.

BC Winter Tire Laws

British Columbia Highways – Use Winter Tires or Carry Chains: October 1 to March 31 everywhere in all of the West Kootenays and beyond. See http://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/driving-and-transportation/driving/winter/pdfs/sirmap.pdf for a map of where winter tires are required in season.

Final Recommendations

Winter tires should be installed in sets of 4 rather than pairs because they will help you experience better control of your vehicle when braking, steering and acelerating, along with peace-of-mind while driving on ice or snow.

Buying winter rims will save time and money when it comes to tire change-overs in the spring and fall. They also take the abuse of road grime that can corrode wheels over time. This way your expensive summer wheels will maintain their value and shine!

Tires should be stored in a temperate environment because it will prevent them from deteriorating. Buy your winter tires before the snow falls because it will save you time in line ups and ensure that the tires you need are in stock.

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